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Why do we crave certain foods?

As with many issues related to our lives we make beliefs about ourselves or the world, due to our experiences and what we make of those events in our lives Often what shapes our lives are the beliefs we made about ourselves and the world, back when we were children. Cravings and the things that trigger us to crave food, drink, cigarettes are usually buried in our subconscious. The craving will often be because of the way that certain thing made us feel when we first consumed it or used it. There may also be other reasons we want to sabotage our weight loss our fitness journey, maybe we do not feel worthy or deserving of being healthy or fit.

Everyone experiences things differently, what you make of an event, how you feel about a situation, what stresses you may be nothing to others we are all unique.

It is possible to control your cravings and manage them on a day to day basis. However if you want to be rid of them, then you need to work on the underlying cause or causes of the craving. Treating a symptom does not get to the root of the problem.

After working with many people over the last few months and undertaking an additional mindset eating course, I have developed a programme to help you to have a better relationship with food. Interested? then contact me today . If you have a question, or would like a free 20 minute telephone consultation, no obligation to discuss your issues then please use the contact form.

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