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Reiki Training 

I offer training for personal use or to train you as an Advanced Practitioner.  Is it time to invest in you and your family, or your existing or new therapy business?

Reiki Healing
Reiki Training For Personal Use
Level 1 

This two day course, run over 2 days or 4 half days or evenings will equip you to be able to use Reiki on yourself, your family friends and pets, in person. It is the first step in using Reiki yourself.

The cost is £333 for the two day course. For more information please book a training call with me.

Energy Healing

EFT and Reiki 
Learn 2 Modalities in Depth


Come and learn EFT & Reiki in depth over 2 terms. 

These courses are the basis of becoming a practitioner in these modalities, although not a requirement.

If you want to become a practitioner there are some additional steps required involving case studies and an online examination (open book) 


Reiki Treatment

Reiki Training For Distance Healing

This is the next step to becoming a Reiki Practitioner and is focused around  emotional healing.  You will learn 3 of the 5 Reiki symbols and be able to perform distance and absent Reiki.  You will, if you wish, then be able to submit case studies and reflections for assessment  to qualify as a practitioner.

The cost for this 2 day  course if £333.  If you wish to qualify as a practitioner there is no additional cost to assess your case studies and reflections. For more information book a training call.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teaching 

If you wish to progress to Master level then this is the next step - this focuses on the spiritual level. This is a 2 day course. I recognise that teaching Reiki is not for everyone so if you wish to do the teaching element this is an additional day course.

The Master Training is a 2 day Course costing £ 333

The Master Teacher  Training day is £177



Flexible times to suit you. 

I offer daytime, evening classes and whole days or part days - if you can't find days/timings that suit you please get in touch. 

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