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Family Help 

I specialise in working  with anxious children and their families to show them manage and overcome stress anxiety,  I work with you to get your life back in balance naturally. 

Through my experience as a parent and a therapist over the years, I have developed my family-centred approach to working with parents and carers to empower them to manage and overcome their child's issues. Caregivers often feel guilty, powerless and that they are failing their children in these situations. My approach not only works to resolve the issues that the child is experiencing whilst minimising further stress on the child, but also provides support, tools and techniques for the whole family. 
I work with unwanted behaviours around:

  • Sleeping

  • Eating

  • Coping with diagnosis of allergies & health conditions such as coeliac disease

  • School/School refusal/Exam preparation

  • General behaviours

Sleep is often an issue when stress or anxiety is present - here are some tips for children and adults Grab my free sleep tips booklet HERE

Bespoke pricing based on your requirements are available for this service. 

If you are feeling stressed you may be interested in my Facebook group The Holistic Wellbeing Sanctuary - your online oasis of tranquility

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