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Events, Groups and Workshops

Keep checking back here for all the latest events, groups and workshops. 


Wellbeing Day




26th April at Essence Beauty Salon and Wellness Centre.

Join me for a day of self-care and wellness.£177 per person. 20% off bookings on two people. 25% off bookings for three people. 

Just 6 spaces available. 

Patient on Scale

Slim From Within 

I work with clients like you on a 12 week programme identifying what is blocking them, getting to the root of the problem and  working with  them to remove those weight release blockers for good! This is not a magic bullet you need to show up and do the work on yourself, if you are committed and ready to take this next step then 

What is included?

A 12 week program to overcome your self sabotaging behaviour and take the emotion out of food for good!  This 12 week programme will be tailored to your specific needs.  This is an online zoom appointment based course consisting of 

1 x 90 minute introductory appointment

7 X 60 minute appointments
plus a 30 minute review session.

We begin with 4 x weekly appointments
followed by 4 appointments every other week.  

If you are ready to commit to doing the work and overcoming your blockers for good book a free weight release assessment 


In-Person Card Readings

Join me at All Things Nice in Ewell on 30th October from 8.30-4.15pm. 

£15 for 10 mins / £25 for 20 mins

Card reading is a valuable component of a holistic approach to mental health. It can help you to spark a much needed conversation, find meaning in your life circumstances and identify solutions. 

Book 20 mins

Book 10 mins

Row of Colored Pencils

Colour Calm Tools Pack 

I have developed 4 Tools for Life Colour Calm Workshops aimed at parents and caregivers of children aged 3 – 11. These workshops will will introduce you to these techniques and show youhow to introduce them to your child - techniques that can really help them to feel calm, focused and more in control of their feelings and emotions. After the workshop you will receive a pack can be used with children who are stressed and anxious to introduce them to ways in which they can calm themselves or an an introduction to generally feeling better, calmer, focused and the idea of self care practises. 

There are 4 workshops 3 hour online interactive workshops each priced at £47. These workshops introduce you to the technique and how to use it for yourself, then we discuss the use of the technique with children, why it is useful and shows you some suggestions on how to introduce your child to the specific modality, using my Tools for life - colour calm downloadable packs, which you will receive after the workshop.


Yes You Can! Exam Stress

Information & Taster Session - Yes you can -
Is your child/ teen / household stressed out?
My online programmes offer you, your teen and family tools, techniques and support to help you all though this stressful time!
Mindset exam success, getting started on revision, staying calm, exam nerves, stress and anxiety.
Book your spot and you will be sent a Zoom link . If you can't make the evening you can book a discovery call with me. 


Sleep Workshops

Get my free guide here 

If you or your child are having sleep issues please do reach out, don't struggle alone I have amazing strategies tools and techniques whatever your issue, I invite you to book a chat with me to see how I can help you.

Get in touch to find out more

To book a discovery call to find out more about these sessions email

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