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EFT Training 

I offer training for personal use or to train you as an Advanced Practitioner.  Is it time to invest in you and your family, or your existing or new therapy business?

EFT Foundation Course
Level 1 

An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique. on this one day foundation course, you will learn the skills to use EFT for yourself and friends and family.
This is magical technique changed my life forever, discover what it can do for you!




EFT Practitioner Training
Level 2

During this three day training, you will  have the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to  become a proficient EFT practitioner.



Advance Practitioner Training

Level 3

If you are a qualified EFT Practitioner and want to grow your knowledge of EFT, and gain more confidence.

I invite you to join us for three days of EFT Advance Practitioner Level 3 training .


EFT Foundation Course: Level 1 

This is a relaxed online course with a maximum of 8 participants.

The day will equip you with a basic understanding of EFT and  you will acquire enough knowledge to enable you to use EFT for yourself, with everyday issues.

What will you learn :

  • How to use EFT, be able to quantify the severity of the issue, be able to use the set-up statement and all the tapping points

  • EFT history in terms of how EFT was created and its relationship with acupuncture points

  • How to use basic EFT with a partner

  • Some of the uses of EFT, including for stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, cravings and physical pain


On completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

You can attend Level 1 and 2 as package Level 1  followed by Level 2, 3 or 4 weeks later. Or you can complete Level 2 at a later date.


Level 1 £127

Level 2 £377

Book together for £427

In person

Level 1 £177

Level 2 £427

Book together for £527 - will run with a minimum of two people. 

EFT Practitioner Training: Level 2
During this three day training, you will  have the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to  become a proficient EFT practitioner.

EFT has been listed for further research by the NHS,  it is increasingly being welcomed into schools, and is being used by other health professionals and practitioners. EFT or tapping is a gentle, non-invasive but incredibly powerful way of working with just about any sort of unwanted emotion.  It is  commonly used for  *Depression * Panic & Anxiety * Trauma * Stress * Grief * Fears and phobias * Physical  pain * Management of stress related illnesses such as hypertension* Food cravings * Lack of confidence * Procrastination * Addictions * CFS and Fibromyalgia * Exam nerves * PTSD * Chronic Illness

EFT can be used with all ages from young children to the elderly as well as pets and  animals.

Over our  three day course you will cover the required content for Level 2 EFT Practitioner Training. 

Attendees are required to have completed EFT Level 1, either with us or another trainer.

The course is delivered  live and interactively online via Zoom. Groups are limited to a maximum of 8.

​During the course you will recap and consolidate knowledge gained in Level 1 we will cover :

  • What EFT is and how it originated

  • How to apply EFT to resolve unwanted emotions, physical pain, phobias and trauma

  • How beliefs are formed why we hold those beliefs  and look at how to change them

  • Working  with clients and manage issues that can arise

  • Working with animals and children

  • The emotions behind cravings and addictions and how to address them

  • How to set up a practice and attract clients

  • Your own personal plan for using EFT

Who Can Take this Training?

EFT Level 1 training with me.  If you trained in Level 1 with another training organisation, please get in touch, as you may be eligible to complete this course. We welcome students who have done their initial training elsewhere, but would ask that we have a chat before you book, by  booking a call using the get in touch button below, to ensure you are trained to a sufficient level to take this Level 2 training course.


On completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. If you wish to become a practitioner, at an additional cost of £88 for case study marking and administration of the examination  the requirements are:

  • Completion of a minimum of 5 case studies. (one case study  should be in video format or observed)

  • 2 reflections of receiving EFT from another trainee or practitioner 

  • Attend one group supervision session 

  • Pass the online test The test is open book online test  which is a mix of short essay and multiple choice questions.

I offer daytime, evening classes and whole days or part days so  get in touch with your requirements

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