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Card Readings/Parties 

If you are feeling stuck or in a rut then card readings can be a mirror, but they can also be a spark. They can help inspire you to see and breathe new life into what seems like an old routine. This could be exposing your blocks and barriers or prompting you to dive into something fresh and exciting, card reading can bust down those walls and help you see the many paths available.

Have you ever wondered what you should do about something? Or, are you confused about a series of events and which direction you should go in? Do you want validation about something in the past or confirmation about something in the future? Are you yearning to understand your purpose? Need help accepting or coming to terms with a traumatic or sad event? Then, you might want to consider joining me for a 1-2-1 card reading. Get in touch for details and pricing. 

Or, my Year Ahead Readings are a great way to arm yourself with the information about the energy trends that are most likely to show up in the next 12 months. Many of my clients use this knowledge to be prepared for what lies ahead - so that they can plan their life more effectively and help their relationships to flourish. One client described the readings as being like a GPS Roadmap for their year ahead so that they now knew when to speed up, and when to slow down, when to stay focused, and when to prepare for any bumps in the road! Get in touch for details and pricing. 

I also come to your house for card reading partiesfriendship gatherings and corporate events. As well as being great fun these readings can help you learn about yourself. They might even help to clarify what you do and do not want from your future. In many ways, it can actually be really empowering. You can get insight into your situation and determine the best actions to move forward regarding your love life, career or whatever question that you may have. You can find out the motivations of others. You can also read potential outcomes of decisions, for instance, 'if I do this, what will happen opposed to that'. A good card reading will give you clarity, and can even help to heal anxiety. And that's always the aim. Party prices are from £240 and the readings can be split how you wish.

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