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Step Away From Those New Year's Resolutions

Hello everyone. I hope that you had a good Christmas and that the start to the new year has been restful.

I just wanted to address all the new year's resolutions that are currently flooding social media. Here's my take: you don't need them and they ultimately set people up for failure and make you feel worse about yourself.

By their very essence resolutions are not constructed in a way that can harness your motivation so it's very difficult to convert them into any meaningful actions that will bring about change. Some surveys show that 80% of resolutions are given up by as early as February.

Changing behaviour is never simple - they are deep rooted and embedded in your psychological and social wellbeing so can't be changed just because the clock strikes midnight on a new year.

It's much more beneficial to set yourself clearly defined goals and intentions instead with specific actions applied to them.

This might sound similar but it's not. So, if your goal is to write a blog then put aside 45 minutes on a certain day and give yourself clear goals such as 'write about my latest project'.

Intentions are more fluid that resolutions and you can change them as your situation changes. You can set intentions at any time and visualise the life that you want. Try to make sure that your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

Get in touch if you need any help at all with setting your SMART goals for this year, I'd love to start 2024 with you on your wellbeing adventure.

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