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In-Person Card Reading Day

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Join me at All Things Nice in Ewell on 24th April from 8.30-4.15pm.

£11 for 10 mins / £27 for 30 mins

Card reading is a valuable component of a holistic approach to mental health. It can help you to spark a much needed conversation, gain clarity, find meaning in your life circumstances and identify solutions.

This one-to-one session gives you the opportunity to create a process of perspective-taking. Together we can develop and examine your struggles and goals from different outlooks and see things from alternative angles. We can look at the strength of your past learnings, what's going on in your life now and delve into future happiness and goals.

There is no single consensus about how card reading works as everyone has different beliefs.

  • Some believe that card reading works on a psychological level to help us unlock our own understanding and help to gain clarity

  • Some believe that they enable the mind to access a collective consciousness and connect on a higher level

  • Others believe that there are higher realms, angels and outer spiritual forces working within the cards.

Whatever your beliefs, card reading is certainly an interesting way to analyse some of the things that will happen to you and to give guidance on what to do to position yourself for the future.

I'd love to meet you and see what the cards hold for you.

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