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Feeling Powerless?

During my life I have often felt powerless as a child, feeling unable to speak up about certain feelings and topics. Feeling different to the rest of my immediate family for many reasons. Disliking sport in our house was a big one, at one stage I thought I had been adopted. As an adult in jobs I really hated, doing tasks I saw as pointless, often with bullying management - who tried to railroad staff. I was in a relationship that just was not working and other areas of my life - such as continually gaining weight, being in ill health. Then I realised that it was up to me to change things nobody else could do that for me. So it all starts with you, accepting that you need to do something, that if you don't have a plan for you nobody else will !

#1. It is only you who can make changes to your life, no one else can - so start by looking at what you like and dislike. #2. When we react to what others do or say then that defines how we experience the whole situation or event ! Your power is in how you act and react we cannot control others actions and words. Often easier said than done - as we are often triggered into patterns of behaviour by others Actions, words and reactions this is where mindset comes in. #3. Many of us and I have been there put up with things, a job you hate, a bad relationship - because we allow that . Often we act as victims complaining - taking no steps toward changing the situation - setting ourselves up for failure because we have beliefs set in our subconscious that we are not worthy, we do not value ourselves or simply are too scared of change. Growth and healing is never easy - it is outside our comfort zone - but what do you really want to allow in your life! #4. What do you want from life - do you know or are all your aspirations defined for you by someone else - what you you have been told you want from an early age. What do you truly desire in life. many people never question where they are - or think about what they would like to achieve. If you don't have a plan - you can't get there - when you have a vision of where you would like to be - this does not have to be a grand vision it may be as simple as I want to cook a healthy meal for all the family twice a week. Once you know you intention you can takes steps toward that - however small. If it is a larger goal then again small steps and consistency will pay off #5. Mindset is all so important - you may have blocks going back years - but once you have worked on those the sky is the limit - no more limiting beliefs and self sabotage! Leaving you free to address your goals! #6 From a young age we are taught to value the approval of others. Many are taught conditional love, being valued and accepted if they conform to others expectations - achievements such as getting high grades in schools, being good at sports defined by getting a "good job" a promotion - the place you live in the car your drive, not being accepted for who they are. Seeking the approval of others just drains your energy - putting effort into things you do not feel aligned to. Whilst we all want a certain standard of living, what we value or aspire to is very different and often differs at different times of our lives. #7. Feeling Frustrated, drained, burnt out is our body sending us a signal. Maybe you need to take better care of yourself, re-evaluate where you are - just slow down and take a break. Goal and visions do change, we can always readjust what we want as our perspective changes - so do what we value, look at the coronavirus lockdown, how many people have looked at their lives and realised that they want to make changes to family life, their work life balance or simply are more appreciative of what they do have. #8. It all starts with you - whatever changes you would like to see in your life can only be bought about by you, your mindset in all aspects of your life. As you know I am an Holistic therapist and look at the whole person, when I work with them, being out of balance in one area affects all the others. So take responsibility for yourself, look at where you are and where you want to be, start the process baby steps kind to yourself.. If you would like some help assessing your current situation, getting clarity on your vision and starting to move toward it book a free no obligation discovery call with me.

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