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Can't Lose Weight? Slim From Within.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I think I was like many others who struggle with their weight unhealthy eating and general relationship with food, diet and exercise. I struggled for many years with body image, motivation, cravings, feeling that I would fail again. I would deny myself certain food, give up drinking - be adamant I would not fall back into unhealthy patterns and food just like last time. I tried many diets from liquid diets , diet clubs , the latest fads such as the cabbage soup diet, the list goes on and on. I would yo-yo diet and even if I reached my goal I would end up piling back on more weight than I had to lose originally. This cycle made me feel guilty, depressed and hopeless, I thought that food would control me forever and that I would never be able to shed the pounds and what was the point anyway I always went back to putting on weight eating junk, drinking and feeling bad about myself! Then on to of it all I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid! The struggle got even harder, I just piled on the pounds! Then I discovered it wasn't my fault, it was because my subconscious was driving me to crave, eat and blocking me from releasing weight. I saw myself in a specific way, held limiting beliefs about being slim, had specific triggers that would cause cravings, certain emotions and feelings that would prompt me to emotionally eat and exhibit self sabotaging behaviors that would set me up to fail again and again. I discovered it wasn't about eating specific foods and restricting myself, it was about identifying and overcoming my blocks to weight loss by separating the issues I had around food from actually eating the food. Oh what a journey! I started working on this for myself and have since lost 4 stone in weight, and kept off for over 4 years! I looked at this more and more on my holistic therapy journey for both myself and how I could help many clients with these issues. There are a number of blockers you may have to losing weight, you may have 1 of them or all 7. Working with many individual who have experienced amazing results . This is not a quick fix or magic bullet, you may find some of the work to do difficult, I did BUT it is great to be back in control without being told what to eat, doing fad diets and restricting myself, I feel fabulous! I have now also developed a programme, which is aimed more specifically for those who want to release weight and keep it off and have an underactive thyroid. If you have questions or would like to start working with me 1:1 straight away book a FREE NO OBLIGATION discovery call HERE You can find out more about my Feel Fabulous 1:1 program HERE #loseweight #thyroidproblems #feelfabulous

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