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A Unique Approach to weight release



If you don't know my story you can find out more about my struggle with weight release, you can read more HERE

I work with clients like you on a 12 week program identifying what is blocking them, getting to the root of the problem and  working with  them to remove those weight release blockers for good! This is not a magic bullet you need to show up and do the work on yourself, if you are committed and ready to take this next step then 

What is included!

A 12 week program to overcome your self sabotaging behaviour and take the emotion out of food for good!  This 12 week program will be tailored to your specific needs.  This is an online zoom appointment based course consisting of 

1 x 90 minute introductory appointment

7 X 60 minute appointments
plus a 30 minute review session.

We begin with 4 x weekly appointments
followed by 4 appointments every other week.  

If you are ready to commit to doing the work and overcoming your blockers for good please Book a Free Weight Release Assessment Call  HERE