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Top 5 Tips For Exam Overwhelm

Updated: Mar 27

This video uses Emotional Freedom Technique to help you deal with overwhelm

View the video HERE

Top Tip 1 Go outside and stand on the grass bear foot for a few minutes - or walk around! Top Tip 2 Spend some time moving your body as part of your schedule, work out the stress and tension even if it is only for 20 minutes, walk, dance, run, strech - honestly it will make such a difference Top Tip 3 Spend time concentrating on your breathing, it not only helps you to calm down it also helps you to focus - good to do at the start of an exam too! try this - its called equal breathing View the Video HERE Top Tip 4 Make sure you are drinking enough water - it really does help clear the mind and regulate your mood - at least 2 litres a day! Top Tip 5 Get a good night's sleep ! - if you are having difficulty with this sign up for my free sleep tips booklet bedtime routines HERE If you are still struggling please do get in contact for more advice & support by booking a discovery call HERE #exams #examstress #mentalhealthawareness #gcseexams #gcse2022 #alevels2022

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