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Family Centred Approach. What's That?

I work with parents to support and empower them to address, manage and overcome both unwanted behaviours in their children and help them deal with situations that unsettle and challenge them leading to stress and anxiety for the whole family. My family centred approach is designed support the caregivers whilst minimising any further stress or inducing anxiety in the child or teen.

As a parent I have experienced a number of issues through the younger years and as teens. I have also worked with many children over the years as a teacher, teaching assistant, therapist and volunteer. I have reflected on my own experience as a parent, my close friends and family and those parents, children and teens who have worked with me as a therapist. After considering this carefully I felt that there were 3 parts of the solution missing SUPPORT & TOOLS FOR YOU empowered you to address, manage and help your child to help themselves. Givening them the gift of self calming tools for life! MINIMISING STRESS ON THE CHILD By working with the caregivers I reduce stress on the child or teen they do not need to meet someone new, who wants them to explain what is going on for them. If we decided together that I should see you child – it is online so they are in their own home, no strange therapy room and no one sees them attending the appointment. EFFECT ON THE FAMILY Finally – but just as important is that the effect on the rest of the family often goes unaddressed, relationship between the caregivers themselves as well as other siblings. and how everyone within the family interacts. SO I developed My SWIFT Approach – It quickly improves the situation, with some simple tools and techniques to manage the situation, then moving on to understand the underlying issues and overcome them for good! Providing you with the support that you require along the way. Signs and symptoms of unwanted behaviours Work with me to overcome your feelings around the issues Implement the suggested tools, techniques and strategies within your family Feed back the results Together we can assess the results and look at how best to move forward I work with unwanted behaviours around

  • Sleeping

  • Bedtimes

  • Separation From You

  • Eating Issues & Eating Disorders

  • Generalised challenging behaviours and anxiety

  • School Attendance/Refusal

  • School Work

  • Examination process and tests

  • Diagnosis of Health issues & Allergies I work with you online via:

  • Workshops

  • One to One sessions – Tailored to your needs

  • One to One programs – Tailored to your needs

  • Training in Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique for Personal Use

If you would like to find out more book a free no obligation call with me HERE You can find a list of workshops & book one HERE

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