Blocks that you experience in your business life can stop your business moving forward.  You may have  have blocks around how to move forward, have confidence issues around promoting your business in person, networking, doing lives, public speaking or about what you charge.  Another common behaviour is  self sabbotage where you almost make those goals or targets but you never quite meet them and you put off doing things because you find them uncomfortable or maybe just don't feel that you deserve success. You Might be suprised at what is holding you back I was !  Business Blocks Programmes HERE

   Stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts, ability to sleep, your feelings, and your behaviour. ... Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, stress can also worsen or bring on new allegies and intolerances. I have experienced this first hand and have manage to turn my health and that of my family around. I help you manage stress, stress related illnesses and ovecome sleep problems with a natural holistic approach. I assess your individual needs and use a combination of therapies and techniques to address your concerns and achieve your goals. Stress Management Programmes - Stop Stressing HERE

Feel Fabulous Programmes are to help you if you areu feeling defeated when it comes to food constantly thinking about or craving certain foods? Is food controlling you?Are you feeling that now is the time to take control back? These programmes aim to get you back in control. Feel Fabulous Programmes HERE


Personally I have turned to complementary therapies more and more over the years as traditional routes have fail to work both myself and my family.  I Firmly believe that I was able to conceive as an older mother because of Reflexology and Reiki.  My eldest child has overcome many food intolerances and confidence issues with alternative therapies. I have been able to manage my diabetes and overcome sleep problems without the need for medication.

 I have worked in industry as both an Employee and Contract Consultant, in Education as a Teacher and a Teaching assistant in main stream education and with special needs adults and children. I also used to run a party favors business and have now opened my Complementary and Holistic Therapy practise. If you are not based in the Banstead area you can still work with me online.

If you would like to find out a bit more about the therapies and treatments that I use see my Therapies Page, this also shows fees.  If you still have a question or further information please use the contact form below, if you would like me to call you please provide a telephone number.

FREE 30 MINUTE DISCOVERY  CALL AVAILABLE TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS - no obligation HERE  or a 60 minute online therapy session book HERE If you would like a face to face therapy session in Banstead or to  book therapy session for a child under 16 please book a discovery call HERE  or use the contact form below

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This is the location of The Natural Way health food shop in Banstead Surrey.

 10 High Street, Banstead Surrey SM7 2LJ

This is the location of Essence Health & Beauty shop in Woodmanstern, Banstead. Surrey.

11 Woodmanstern Street, Woodmanstern Banstead SM7 3NW.

This is the Location of the Fabulous Ewell Court House one of the venues I use for my workshops

Ewell Court House

Lakehurst Road Ewell Surrey KT19 0EB