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I specialise in working  with anxious children and their families to show them manage and overcome stress anxiety,  I work with you to get your life back in balance naturally. 

If you are feeling stressed you may be interested in my Facebook group The Holistic Wellbeing Sanctuary - your online oasis of tranquility

I work with Adults, Teens  and Children.

Through my experience as a parent and a therapist over the years, I have developed my family centred approach to working with parents and carers to empower them to manage and overcome their child's issues. Caregivers often feel guilty, powerless and that they are failing their children in these situations, my approach not only works to resolve the issues that the child is experiencing whilst minimising further stress on the child, but also provides support, tools and techniques for the whole family.  You can find out more about my family Centred approach HERE

I work with unwanted behaviours around



Coping with diagnosis of allergies & health conditions such as coeliac disease


School refusal

Exam preparation

General behaviours


Workshops are charged at £47 

All designed to Support and Empower you to address, manage and overcome your child's unwanted behaviours. For lastest dates and availbility click book here next to the workshop you wish to attend. You will recieve a booklet befor the workshop and the slides afterwards.

Anxiety in  Children  BOOK HERE 

Bedtime and sleeping BOOK HERE

Exam & Test Nerves BOOK HERE

Meltdowns BOOK HERE

School Anxiety / Refusal BOOK HERE

Eating & Food BOOK HERE 

A common challengining behaviour in children are around  sleep - here are some tips for children and adults Grab my free sleep tips booklet HERE

I also run Tools for Life workshops which are all about you learning self calm techniques for yourself and your family and introducing them to your children. We spend 3 hours together. We look at the particular technique – I show you how to use this for yourself and then how to use this with your children. After the workshop you will receive a down loadable pack with full instructions on introducing the technique to your child.

Tools for life – Deep Breathing BOOK HERE

Tools for Life Meditation BOOK HERE

Tools for Life Emotional Freedom Technique  BOOK HERE 

Tools For Life Mindfulness BOOK HERE

For more information about how I work with colour read my BLOG HERE


Reiki Training 

I am a  Master Reiki Teacher. Offering Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Master and Teacher training.

My Reiki 1 & 2 Courses are accedited with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Training I am an EFT master trainer accredited by the EFT and Mindfulness Centre. I offer training in EFT foundation Level 1, Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 3

I use both these amazing modalities  in my practice.  For details of how you can train in these amazing magical therapies at various levels to use for yourself, your friends and family, become a certified practitioner, add to an existing practice or start your practice a whole new career! I support you through training and beyond !  

For more information on EFT training Click HERE,

To find out more about REIKI training  Click  HERE. 


There are 4 Workshops 3 hour workshops each priced at £47. These workshops introduce you to the technique and how to use it for yourself, then we discuss the use of the technique with children.

These workshops show you how to introduce your child to various techniques  using my Tools for life - colour calm downloadable packs, which you will receive after the workshop. The next available dates can be checked by clicking the appropriate


Deep Breathing - BOOK HERE

Emotional Freedom Technique BOOK HERE

Meditation BOOK HERE

Mindfulness BOOK HERE

To receive updates and offers sign up HERE

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What my clients say!


I have recently had an introductory Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session with Christine as I wanted to learn more about this therapy both for myself and to recommend to my clients. I really enjoyed the session and learned about the tapping points and how this therapy can help you with stress, cravings and other conditions. Christine is a very passionate and knowledgeable therapist. She is very warm and caring and makes you feel completely at ease. I would highly recommend Christine!

Sarah Gordon


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