Accredited Reiki Online Training

A Unique Approach - Training online with ongoing support via monthly Reiki Refreshements - I am with you every step of the way on your Reiki Journey. My Reiki Training is Accredited with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre

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 Reiki 1 


Reiki 2

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Master Teacher Training

Reiki 1 Training for personal use

This two day course, run over 2 days or 4 half days or evenings will equip you to be able to use Reiki on yourself, your family friends & pets, in person. It is the first step in using Reiki yourself.

The cost is £333 for the two day course. For more information please book a training call with me.

Reiki 2 - Training for distance healing and the next step to be coming a practiutioner

This is the next step to becoming a Reiki Practitioner. This is focused around  emotional healing.  You will learn 3 of the 5 Reiki symbols and be able  to perform Distance and absent Reiki.  You will if you wish then be able to submit case studies and reflections for assessment  to qualify as a practitioner. The cost for this 2 day  course if £333.  If you wish to qualify as a practitioner there is no additional cost to assess your case studies and reflections. For more information book a training call.

Master Teacher Training

If you wish to progress to Master level then this is the next step - this focuses on the spiritual level. This is a 2 day course. I recognise that teaching Reiki is not for everyone so if you wish to do the teaching element this is an additional day course.
The Master Training is a 2 day Course costing £ 333
The Master Teacher  Training day is £177
\For more information please book a training call.