Is your Child Anxious feeling anxious about returning to school?

Here are some suggestions that may help.

How is your child feeling? Listen to what they say what are their concerns? Be reassuring - but do not lie. If you do not know the answer to their concern or concerns,  explain why - try and find out. Remind them everyone else in their class has had the same extended period of time away from school and is probably feeling the same.  Also remind them they will be seeing their friends. If your child cannot explain what is wrong

If your child is finding it  hard to communicate what their issue is here are some suggestions to get them talking:

  • Get them to draw a picture and ask them to describe the picture to you what is happening. 

  • Ask them how their favourite toy feels - often children project their feelings onto their toys. 

  • Get them to point out how they feel with Give them a coping strategy an emoji.

  • Ask them what colour the feeling is.

Here is a coping strategy - if talking is not helping 

Ask them to think about their favourite colour and how that makes them feel. Get them to imagine breathing in that colour and filling them up with it breathing in their favourte colour and getting rid of the colour of the other feelings they are having if they identified a colour, or the feeling they have.  


During lock down normal routines often went out the window.  Just trying to fit in working from home, home schooling whilst being worried and concerned about what next, meant many established routines stopped. Bedtime routine is important as is getting enough sleep - a tired child cannot be reasoned with or learn. Routines also give a sense of normality and security.    I hope your children's return to school is amazing for them - meeting up with their friends again and socialising and being once again more independent.  If you need to chat anything through I offer a no obligation free discovery call you can book one HERE

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