Frequently Asked Questions

What does Holistic mean?

Holistic means looking a something in the whole, everything that is going on in a person's life.  I look at your whole lifestyle, current stresses and both your physical and your emotional health. Holistic medicine will also tackle the underlying causes not just control the symptoms.

What does Complementary  mean ?

Complementary means along side – so whatever you may be doing to help yourself already, or if you are taking medication, I can work along side that.

How long does a session last?

Usually an hour, however sometimes it can be a little longer depending on how the session is going.

Is what I tell you confidential?

Yes the only time I would have to break confidentiality would be if I thought you would hurt yourself or someone else, I believed you had been or were going o be involved in an act of terrorism or I received a court order. I have a confidentiality agreement with all my clients, which we both sign.

As an individual how many sessions do I need?

As an experienced therapist I would recommend at least 3 sessions – most people see significant improvement with 3 sessions if they do the 'homework' in between.

Why do you work mainly online?

I work online with people so that they can plan their time more effectively, an hour appointment is just that an hour. I can also work with you no matter what your location.

Do you work with children and teens?

Yes, I work with children and teens from age 4 right through to 18.  I have previously worked in Education arena with children, teens and young adults from the age of 3 to 21 , both in mainstream education as a teacher, volunteer  as well as in the area of special needs as a teaching assistant.

How many sessions do I need ?

This really does depend on the issue, if you do what is necessary between sessions. 

I work with clients for a minimum of 3 sessions, most clients see a significant improvement with 3 sessions.