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I work with children and teens of all ages.

With younger children I work both with parent/carer and the child to empower the child, I work with you and your child or teen to understand how they see their issue.

I can work with a wide range of problems including sleeping, fears, anxieties, confidence issues. I can also help you manage your child's behavioural and health too. Working with children is completely tailored to the child's needs on a bespoke package basis.

Take advantage of my free confidential, no obligation discovery call to find out more. I work with your teen to help

them with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, eating, health and self confidence issues.

I also have packs aimed at Children  3 - 11 years of age available called Colour Calm Packs that introduce children to different Techniques that can help them to calm down.  They are fully comprehensive with instructions  and videos for parents and carers to use them in the form of a lesson or in a more informal way. 

Titles in the Colour Calm series are :-

Deep Breathing

Emotional Freedom Technique



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