Complementary Therapies With Christine Michele Murray
Complementary  Therapies                                 
Workshops & Courses
Cover Subline

Workshops to help you shine                         V.I.P Diamond days 

                                                    1 to 1 Days at Ewell court House

Relax & Recharge day Just £99          Pure Relaxation for you £550

A day to learn some relaxation              A day of relaxation just for you

technique you can use at home plus a      More details dates & tickets   

plus a follow up 1:1 online call              

More details dates & tickets              Kick start your transformation   

                                                    & follow up £595

Cravings & Your Relationship             whatever you want to work on

with food 2 part workshop  £99         Self image, Health issues, a

A workshop over 2 mornings plus a       new project, your stress & anxiety 

follow up 1:1 online call                       my 1:1 day & follow

to explore your relationship                  gets you started.

with food why do you                         More details dates and tickets 

sabotage yourself?                            

More details dates & tickets             


Tapping with your Child  £40

A morning workshop introducing

your child to Tapping or EFT

it is a tool that is calming helps

with physical and emotional pain and upset.                         

More details dates & tickets