EFT Tapping with your Child


This can be run on a 1:1 basis for your child  2 X 45 minute session in the child's own environment  plus a follow up with the parent via e-mail/telephone 30 minutes.  £199

2 1/2 hour WORKSHOP get a group of upto 6 adults and 12 children together for a workshop, contact me to arrange dates held in Banstead at All Saints Church £484   ( £79 per adult and 2 children)

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Children today have much to contend with. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) is a wonderful tool for children of all ages, whether you tap on your little ones or they are old enough to do this for themselves. EFT is a tool that is calming helps with physical and emotional pain and upset.

It gets children to focus on and become tuned into their own emotions whilst giving them a tool to help themselves this is so empowering.

This workshop is aimed at 3-9 year olds but older and younger siblings are welcome. If you have an older child or teen, who you feel might benefit from  working with me please call or message me to discuss 07840240454

What to expect

-An interactive session lead by Therapist

Christine Michele Murray

- A relaxed child friendly atmosphere

- A short introduction to tapping for carers and children , which will include listening to a lovely story about a little monkey and a butterfly.

- You and your child/children choose a butterfly and tap along with the butterfly's dance in the story, the butterfly is yours to keep..

- Tapping with Tappy Bear and your favourite soft toy - bring a soft toy along.

- helping your child to identify emotions and feelings

-A handout to remind you of how you tap with your child, together with a hard copy of the story we listen to.