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Christine Michele MurraySun, 3 Dec 2017

This Time Last Year

This time last year..............

This time last year I was feeling very sorry for myself Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, in Medication which made me feel really unwell & thinking about all the complications that Type 2 diabetes can bring.  The New Year was approaching and I knew I just had to find a way to turn my life around and feel more positive.  I changed my way of eating, I stuck to it fairly well with minor set backs I lost weight.  At my first 6 month diabetic check up my HBAC1 had plummeted from 88 to 39 and I had lost so much weight over 2 stone. I came of medication now the hard work would be gin sticking to everything.  In the mean time I had also turned to Complementary Therapies and discovered Emotional Freedom Technique ( Wow Wow and Wow). I was attracted to the course for no reason I can explain.  I signed up and since then I have found it easier to stick to my way of eating, have resolved many issues that have been bothering me have been feeling less stressed and am able to move forward.  I have also completed other complementary courses, and have taken up practising Reiki again, I have opened my Complementary Therapy Practice, discovered DoTerra oils, which have made a great deal of difference to the health of myself and my family.  My most rescent appointment to monitor my bloods have shown another fall in my average blood sugars to 37 all without medication. I am helping people overcome many different issues in my practise and am stunned at what I have achieved not only with my own health this year - but also with my son who has been very ill with various food allegies and sufferes from ceoliac disease.  With the aid of complementary therapies he has managed a whole term at school the first since he became ill with ceoliac disease at the age of 6 and was diagnosed at the age of 7 back in 2015.  My year has been a challenging one and confronting issues is not always the most comfortable - but seeing a Complementary Therapist for myself and my son has proved invaluable.  It has even improved his attitude to school, enabled me to overcome long standing fears and phobias and generally made my life better.  Now I am also helping people overcome their problems and helping them to move forward in a more positive, confident and happy state of mind.   What a difference a year makes !

A Year on another New Year approaching. I have started my Journey resolving what is holding me back, addressing the negative aspects of my life.  I have made a start on getting to the root many things that replay over and over in my subconscious holding me back attracting negative situations and have become a whole New Me.  I have also made some new fabulous friends along the way and have happier and healthier children, so excited to see what 2018 will bring !

Wishing You all Health Happiness and Wealth in 2018 !

Contact me to book for a wellness check, or to schedule your 20 Free Phone call (No obligation) start your 2018 resolving to find your whole New You ! and see what a difference a year can make in your life!

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