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Christine Michele MurraySun, 22 Oct 2017


Food, drink or cigarettes controlling you? Does this sound familiar to you? Cravings are a terrible thing to deal with especially if you are struggling with your weight or other health issues.  Do you find the more you try to resist the worse the craving gets, then you give in just one bite, just one glass, just one cigarette, then thats it well I might as well have another, finish the packet.  Then you feel bad you should have had more control, not given in..... well you are not alone many people experience this.  Often we turn to food or drink to comfort or reward ourselves, to cope with anxiety or stress  to make ourselves feel better.  I do know how hard that can be, I too have suffered with cravings.

As part of getting my diabetes under control, I had to work on cravings.  I particularly used to crave potatoe crisps, nachos really anything salty and crispy.  Then having given into to craving, usually after a glass of wine or two, I could not stop eating them and would eat what we had in the house that was crunchy and salty. In effect however well I was doing with my carbohydrate intake and contolling my sugars, or with my weight loss I would always sabbotage myself often being back to square one or heavier than I was in weight loss terms. and sending my blood sugar readings much higher than they should be.  After discovering EFT and also working with a practioner on other lying issiues I have managed to control my cravings and am losing weight again after dealing with some other underlying issues..

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