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Christine Michele MurraySat, 7 Oct 2017


NOTE Whilst EFT and Matrix Reimprinting has produced some remarkable clinical results, it should still be considered to be in the experimental stages. I am not a Licenced Medical Practioner, the information below relates to my personal experience.  You should never stop taking medication you have been perscribed without consulting a registered medial professional.

Having seen a close relative with TYPE 2 Diabetes become dependent on insulin,  suffer from complications including amputation, problems with their heart and kidneys, failing vision, cataracts and leg ulcers that would not heal., to put it mildly I was terrified.  Having had gestaional diabetes in both my pregancies, for which I had to take insulin 4 times a day I knew this was very serious.

At the point I was diagnosed my fasting Blood sugar was 18.mmol/L, for a normal health individual this should be between 4.0 - 6.0mmol/L.  My HBAC1(a test that measures your average sugars over the last 2 -3 month) was 88 which indicates an average blood sugar level of over 13mmol/L, when blood sugars are raised continually over long periods this starts to dammage the body.  The normal reading for a healthy individual without diabetes would be below  42, 7mmol/L. 

I put on Metformin and was offered a days course by the Doctors surgery, which I declined, having looked after a type 2 Diabetic and having been Diabetic during pregnacy I knoew the advice I would be given.  I was also offered membership for 3 months to weight watchers, but denied testing strips to monitor my own bloods, so I still monitored my bloods and paid for the strips myself.

To begin with I felt sorry for myself, then annoyed and frustrated.  I started to look up the latest research on contolling blood sugars, I changd my way of eating I also monitored my blood sugars for how different food affected me. I use complementary therapies including Emotional freedom Technique to help me stick to my new way of eating and overcome by stress and fear related to the type 2 diabetes.  Blood sugar can be affected my a number of things including Stress, feeling upset, being ill as well as what you eat.

After 6 months I had lost over 2 and 1/2 Stone, I was off medication and my sugars were well under control.  My blood sugars still remain in the non diabetic range and I am feeling well. 

If you would like to come along for a chat about your situation, find out more and learm how EFT could help you to manage & overcome issues in your own life please call me for an appointment 07840240454