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Christine Michele MurraySun, 1 Oct 2017

Stress & Depression - The Thief of Happiness

There are many Stresses in today's world., and sometimes all the stress gets too much., leading to depression  There are so many expectations put on us by society, our families, but most of all ourselves.  We often expect much more of our selves than anyone else does, we are all human we all have failings. 

The first step to becoming less stressed is to STOP and take stock.  Realise that what you attract how you react to situations and people is a 95% governed by your subconsious and 5% that is the consious mind.  Your subconsious has stored away beliefs that you have made since you were a young child and runs those "truths" over and over, what you believe about ypurself affects everything you do - if you do not believe you are good enough do you even apply for the promotion or the new job?  If you think that you are responsible for everyone you try to do everything, sort out everything for everyone and that is just not possible so you feel you have failed!.  REMEMBER you can do ANYHING, but not EVERYTHING.

There are many sources of stress and eventually if you cannot deal with the stress you start to experience physical symptoms, which then lead to health issues. If you change your beliefs about yourself and the world that you made at a young age you can change your persepctive on life, what you attract and how you deal with situations that you face.

In my practise I show people struggling with many stressful issues, a powerful technique to help them how to cope with their day to day life, whether they are physical or emotional.  We then work together to address the root causes of their problems, helping them to feel positive, happy and move forward with their lives.