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Transform yourself !
Christine Michele MurraySun, 17 Sep 2017

Change your Beliefs, Transform your Life

From the very moment we are born we start making beliefs about ourselves and the world..  We are influenced by our parents and carers and our life experiences.  The beliefs that we make about ourselves and the world in our early year contribute to the person that we are.  Have you noticed how you attact similar people and situations into our lives? Have you ever wondered why this might be.?  Since your subconsious is controlling 95% of your actions and your consious mind only 5% everything that has contributed to your beliefs about the world and yourself will influence your reaction to people and events.  If you change your negative feelings and beliefs about yourself  you can change your whole perspective on life for the better.  Your issues and problems may manifest in many different ways, emotional, physical, medical conditions, fears and phobias, your relationship with partners, children or food.  Whatever is stressing you, making you anxious or holding you back I can show you how to manage them and then we can work together at your pace to resolve any underlying issue.