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Christine Michele MurrayThu, 31 Aug 2017

Matrix Reimprinting - Fight or Flight

Early experiences in our life and other Traumatic events that occur during our life shape how we react to situations. Any exerience that causes us to feel powerless and threatened, can cause us to freeze, as a young child this can even be a parent shouting to protect us - but as a young child you make that mean something different.  Those experiences that happen to us as a young child may not even be remembered, but are locked in our subconcious and played over and over.  The negative energy continues to pervade our life experiences, often exhibiting themselves as repeated negative patterns of negative behaviour, undermine confidence, fears and phobias or cause health issues.   Using Matrix Reimprinting and EFT  the negative energies around those events enables us as individuals to heal and reach our full potential.. 

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