Christine Michele MurraySat, 1 Jul 2017

Fear of Flying

Are you afraid of Flying is it holding you back from doing what you want to do?  Making holidays which should be your time relax stressful?  Holding  you back in your career, stopping you seeing the world, or visiting friends or relatives? Emotional Freedom Technique can enable you to get the awful symptoms under control and get to the root cause of your fear.

A fear of flying can be something that you have had from as long as you remember, or it can come on later in life, very often after you have children.  Many people have a fear of flying, which in this day and age can be very limiting, family holidays, business trips, time away with friends all affected by this fear.  Even if you manage to take the flight the whole experience is very stressful and you can spend your whole time away worrying about the flight back. There are so many aspects to flying someone many be afraid of turbulance, take off landing, find the plane claustrophibic or the issue may be with the airport, or some other aspect of the flight experience. Emotional Freedom Technique has been shown to help  with a fear of flying, it has been very effective Whoopie Goldberg for instance, used this technique to get over her fears related to flying.  I personally never had a fear of flying I worked abroad went on holidays short and long haul flights,  travelled with my hisband and children, then  I was met with one particular situation, where I had to take my two children on a flight alone, it was not until I got onto the airplane with my children that the panic and anxiety started to rise up in my chest, I had to keep it together for the sake of my kids, but it was the most stressful flight of my life, I felt sick ill and dreaded the return flight that I had to make with them, which was equally stressful and unpleasant . Using EFT I have identified why this was so stressful, it in fact goes back to a situation I faced as a child, I need to now work on this as a client, with my practioner, before I have to face that situation again.