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Christine Michele MurrayWed, 28 Jun 2017

What can I Expect from My Initial EFT Consultation

Firstly we will go over contact details, why you have come to see me, I will take a few details, if there is anything you would prefer not to answer at this time that is fine too.  It is important that you let me know about any allergies, and medical conditions for when we work together. I will then teach you the tapping points, so that you are familiar with these and answer any questions that you might have.  We can then start to work on the areas that you have come to see me for.  At the end of the initial consultation,  I will recommend a number of sessions that I believe would be appropriate for you to start with and what you need to do before the next session. The minimum number of sessions suggested is usually 3. The spacing of sessions will also be recommended but would be no more than once a week.   Tapping on yourself will help with managing your issues day to day, people who tap between sessions usually have quicker and better results.  The sessions we have together will get to the underlaying causes of those issues, it is possible this will uncover other issues to work through .  After your initial course of sessions we can review I can make recommendations and you can decide what you want to do.