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Christine Michele MurrayMon, 26 Jun 2017

How Many Sessions do I need?

This question is one that is almost impossible to answer.  As a client you can learn the tapping points easily enough, you can incorporate tapping into your everyday life, for headaches, aches and pains and  dealing with situations that occur. However a issues that you have are often a symptom of a bigger underlying issue or issues.  After an initial consultation, when you will likely come with a specific area you wish to address.  I would recommend a course of at least 3 sessions, as a practioner,  I will use technquies which can help you resolve these underlaying issues.  These sessions may be weekly, every other week, monthly it really depends on the issue, I can give  this guidance on an individual basis.   With some clients a specific issue may be resolved within a few sessions with others there may be a much larger issue to deal with, or many aspects to the problem.    As we work together, at your pace,  then other issues or areas to work on may arise.  As a practioner I tap on myself daily and I also still work with  other practioners on a regular basis, as a client.  Working tapping on yourself is the equivalent of taking a pain killer, treating the symptom, working with a practioner is like surgery sorting out the underlaying condition.

Christine Michele MurraySat, 24 Jun 2017

Weighty Issues - My struggle with weight loss

I completely  understand how miserable being over weight can make you feel, I was always tired, felt huge, clumsy. unattractive and didn't feel confident in myself.  For many years I struggled with my weight, trying every diet, going to slimming clubs, going to the gym and exercise classes , losing weight only to put that back on and more, having children putting on more weight. I always had an excuse - it was never the right time, I was too stressed, I would do it after my holiday, after Christmas, well after Easter maybe,  there was always something to stop me some excuse. My weight was always an issue, I was an over weight child, teen and adult, it made me feel awful, I felt bad about myself, hated clothes shopping nothing ever fitted, I could not find anything that I looked reasonable in, my self image and confidence was at an all time low.  After a health scare,  I have dropped quite a lot of weight - but still have a way to go. Initially I was in  shock and stuck to an eating plan using real food - cutting out all sugar and only eating minimal carbohydrates.  My weight then stayed the same for quite a while and I almost gave up AGAIN !! EFT has helped me continue with the way of eating that not only is better for my health issues, but also is helping me get to a healthier weight.  EFT has help with my compulsions to eat certain foods and at certain times particularly in the evening.  I have also with the help of EFT identitfied reasons why I do various things sub consciously, that sabotage weight loss and repeat negative patterns of behaviour with regard to my self-image,  particularly in relation to my weight and food.   I have identified that my compulsions around food, feelings of self worth and body image were linked to underlaying issues, that go back to my childhood.  Starting to deal with these issues has improved my life emmensly.  I finally feel that I am coming to terms with my relationship with food and my own body image and that I am in control, for the first time in a very long time I am feeling confident, happy and positive about myself.  Emotional Freedom Technique could help you too book your inital consulation with me today !

Christine Michele MurrayThu, 22 Jun 2017

Feeling Stuck? - turn your life around with EFT

Don't know how to move forward with your life? Not getting the promotion at work? Feeling frustrated with your lot?  Cannot see a way forward with a particular situation EFT can help you to discover what is holding you back.  Your life experiences shape your view of the world and can result in repeated patterns of negative behaviour.  I for one have realised through EFT that because of certain ideas and  beliefs that I made at an early age I have  repeated negative patterns of behaviour that have affected my life.  Recognising these patterns and working with EFT has made me feel wonderful like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, I feel much better about myself and have a positive attitude toward the future.  Its not just me other people I have worked with feel the same way too - turn your life around with EFT.

Christine Michele MurrayWed, 21 Jun 2017

Panic Attacks  - A case study

Rescently I worked with a a teenager, who was prone to panic attacks, when under stress.  This teen had exams coming up and not only where there concerns regarding panic attacks, but they had also were showing symptoms that usually were related to food allergies and sensitivities that they had, when feeling stressed.  An initial consultation and some EFT  proved helpful even though the first examination was only a few days away.  The examination went well, all questions answered, no panic attack, but there was a reaction after the examination.  We then followed up  with more EFT sessions and concentrated on the reaction that had occured with relation to the stress.  The exams were completed no panic attacks and only a mild reaction to the stress, an excellect result for the client concerned.

Christine Michele MurrayTue, 20 Jun 2017

Fears & Phobias - My Fear of Spiders

Many of us suffer with fears and phobias, often we cannot even voice why we have this issue.  I for one had a very strange phobia spiders- thats not strange you might say - but mine was only if the spider was in the bath.  I could deal with anything else - but not the spider in the bath. I would be rooted to the spot a feeling of panic rising from my stomach, unable even to shout out for someone.  Eventually I would be able to back away feeling anxious and sick then have to find someone to take the spider out of the bath for me.  EFT has helped me over come this fear, I have now sucessfully removed spiders from the bath on a number of occassions, after working though this with someone during EFT sessions. 

Christine Michele MurrayMon, 19 Jun 2017

Tapping Points

Below is a link to a short youtube video showing the tapping points

Christine Michele MurraySun, 18 Jun 2017

EFT and Anxiety with Testimonial

Anxiety is all too common in or every day lives, whilst it is normal to be anxious in certain situations, an overload of anxiety is to say the least not good for us.   That awful feeling of anxiousness, in the pit of our stomach, or lodged in our chest or throat.  We may be anxious about a past experience, something that might happen in the future, an event we know will happen, or what is happening right now. Anxiety can be crippling, affecting our mental and physical well being, all too often there are sleepless nights, stress on the body causing health issues, stopping us from being happy, affecting all areas of our lives personal, social and professional.  Emotional Freedom Technique can help with anxiety and I have had some excellent results working with clients who are anxious.  One client was very anxious about an up coming event, and thinking about it made them feel very ill, they were dreading it !  After some EFT the client felt much more able to deal with the event and successfully managed to deal with their anxiety before and during the event.


Christine worked with me for a few sessions using EFT.  I found her to be very engaging, compassionate and understanding to my anxiety needs. We worked through my anxiety issues for just a few sessions and I noticed my anxiety issues reduce significantly.
Christine was very intuitive and able to understand where my problems lay and between us we were able to work through them and understand underlying issues.
I found her EFT methods to be very powerful and have helped me to move forward with my every day life.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Christine for EFT.

Angela H.

Christine Michele MurraySat, 17 Jun 2017

My Personal Journey with EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique has changed my life.    I was drawn to EFT and signed up for a training course with Mary-Jane Sharratt I cannot explain why.  I was physically and emotionally exhausted.  I was dealing with the death of a close relative, have  two children both with health issues. I was  completely stressed out and in addition I had a diagnosis of diabetes as well as other unresolved health issues.  Emotional Freedom Technique has  changed my way of looking at my life, I have identified repeated unhelpful patterns of behaviour, stemming from childhood.  My general feeling of well being has improved emmensly as has my health.   From my first  experience of EFT I knew it was a powerful tool that could help me.  Throughout my training and case studies  I have worked with people with  various issues anxiety, stress, fears and phobias, self image and weight loss, exam nerves and panic attacks, physical pain, bad experiences, grief and self esteem.  In most cases the results have been amazing, helping clients with their issues and improving their lives.

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