Christine Michele MurrayThu, 22 Nov 2018

Cravings ~ Why do we Crave certain Foods or Drinks

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As with many issues related to our lives we make beliefs about ourselves or the world, due to our experiences and what we make of those events in our lives Often what shapes our lives are the beliefs we made about ourselves and the world, back when we were children.  Cravings and the things that trigger us to crave food, drink, cigarettes are usually buried in our subconsious. The craving will often be because of the way that certain thing made us feel when we first consumed it or used it. There may also be other reasons we want to sabotage our weight loss our fitness journey, maybe we do not feel worthy or deserving of being healthy or fit.

Everyone experiences things differently, what you make of an event, how you feel about a situation, what stresses you may be nothing to others we are all unique.

  It is possible to control your cravings and manage them on a day to day basis.  However if you want to be rid of them, then you need to work on the underlying cause or causes of the craving.  Treating a symptom does not get to the root of the problem.

After working with many people over the last few months and undertaking an additional Mindset eating course, I have devloped a programme to help you to have a better relationship with food.  Interested?  then contact me today .  If you have a question, or would like a free 20 minute telephone consultation, no obligation to discuss your issues then please use the contact form.

Christine Michele MurrayWed, 28 Mar 2018

Carers & Stress Management

It doesn't matter who you care for the young, the elderly  your partner someone who is or is not related to you, it can be and very often is very stressful.  As a carer you are expected to do what ever is needed for the person you care for, this is often at the expense of yourself and others you care about.  Finding a balance in these situations is very difficult and in all too many cases the carer puts themselves last. 

Studies have shown that short-term stress boosted the immune system, but chronic stress has a significant effect on the immune system that ultimately manifest an illness.  So stress is not a bad thing in short bursts it is what gets us out of bed in the morning, our fight or flight instinct has served us well for many thousands of years.

However in a situation where you are a carer often putting yourself last, never having time for yourself, stressed all the time it can start to affect your body, your thoughts, ability to sleep, your feelings, and your behaviour. Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

I have experienced this first hand, tired stumbling from one task to another, a list of things getting longer and longer the inability to tackle things that should take 2 minutes, not sleeping properly doing the bare mimium to get through the day and neglecting myself.  In my case this lead to Type 2 Diabetes, fortunately I have managed to turn my health around and have my blood sugars well under control thanks to alternative therapies and a holistic approach ! 

I now specialise in helping those caring for others to overcome stress and stress related health problems including sleep issues using a natural holistic approach.   

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Christine Michele MurraySun, 3 Dec 2017

This Time Last Year

This time last year..............

This time last year I was feeling very sorry for myself Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, in Medication which made me feel really unwell & thinking about all the complications that Type 2 diabetes can bring.  The New Year was approaching and I knew I just had to find a way to turn my life around and feel more positive.  I changed my way of eating, I stuck to it fairly well with minor set backs I lost weight.  At my first 6 month diabetic check up my HBAC1 had plummeted from 88 to 39 and I had lost so much weight over 2 stone. I came of medication now the hard work would be gin sticking to everything.  In the mean time I had also turned to Complementary Therapies and discovered Emotional Freedom Technique ( Wow Wow and Wow). I was attracted to the course for no reason I can explain.  I signed up and since then I have found it easier to stick to my way of eating, have resolved many issues that have been bothering me have been feeling less stressed and am able to move forward.  I have also completed other complementary courses, and have taken up practising Reiki again, I have opened my Complementary Therapy Practice, discovered DoTerra oils, which have made a great deal of difference to the health of myself and my family.  My most rescent appointment to monitor my bloods have shown another fall in my average blood sugars to 37 all without medication. I am helping people overcome many different issues in my practise and am stunned at what I have achieved not only with my own health this year - but also with my son who has been very ill with various food allegies and sufferes from ceoliac disease.  With the aid of complementary therapies he has managed a whole term at school the first since he became ill with ceoliac disease at the age of 6 and was diagnosed at the age of 7 back in 2015.  My year has been a challenging one and confronting issues is not always the most comfortable - but seeing a Complementary Therapist for myself and my son has proved invaluable.  It has even improved his attitude to school, enabled me to overcome long standing fears and phobias and generally made my life better.  Now I am also helping people overcome their problems and helping them to move forward in a more positive, confident and happy state of mind.   What a difference a year makes !

A Year on another New Year approaching. I have started my Journey resolving what is holding me back, addressing the negative aspects of my life.  I have made a start on getting to the root many things that replay over and over in my subconscious holding me back attracting negative situations and have become a whole New Me.  I have also made some new fabulous friends along the way and have happier and healthier children, so excited to see what 2018 will bring !

Wishing You all Health Happiness and Wealth in 2018 !

Contact me to book for a wellness check, or to schedule your 20 Free Phone call (No obligation) start your 2018 resolving to find your whole New You ! and see what a difference a year can make in your life!

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Christine Michele MurraySat, 11 Nov 2017

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year ! not for everyone

This week I have been working with a number of clients who have had feelings and emotions triggered due to the time of year.  Some of them have been feeling unwell and experiencing the same symptoms that they experienced whilst having some medical issues.  Others have been triggered by loss and grief which has manifested itself in physical symptoms, and thinking back they experience these same issues at this time of year every year.  Others are now turning their thoughts to Christmas, which alough many of us enjoy, but is often a stressful and traumatic time of year, if we have suffered loss of a loved one or just because we spend time with people who we would not usually spend so much time with.   The darkness now the clocks have gone back also has an effect on many people dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), the change in Season and the daylight hours can prfoundly affect these individuals and cause them to fall into a deep depression.

The physical and emotional affects on us can be very distressing and debilitating. We become less able to deal with everyday life which then stresses us more.  I have also been dealing with these types of issues this week myself and have fortunately been able to work with a great practitioner, whom has helped me through this. We need to resolve underlying issues so that we can move past these issues and move forward with our lives in a confident positive frame of mind, ready to tackle what the rest of life throws at us. 

My therapies can help you to overcome and move past these feelings and symptoms call me for an appointment or contact me on the form below, I am more than happy to talk to you on the telephone by arrangement (no charge) for 20 minutes to answer any questions you may have and for you to see if you are comfortable with me.  Appointments are Face to Face in Banstead Surrey or Online if you are located elsewhere or unable to get to Banstead Surrey.

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Christine Michele MurraySun, 22 Oct 2017


Food, drink or cigarettes controlling you? Does this sound familiar to you? Cravings are a terrible thing to deal with especially if you are struggling with your weight or other health issues.  Do you find the more you try to resist the worse the craving gets, then you give in just one bite, just one glass, just one cigarette, then thats it well I might as well have another, finish the packet.  Then you feel bad you should have had more control, not given in..... well you are not alone many people experience this.  Often we turn to food or drink to comfort or reward ourselves, to cope with anxiety or stress  to make ourselves feel better.  I do know how hard that can be, I too have suffered with cravings.

As part of getting my diabetes under control, I had to work on cravings.  I particularly used to crave potatoe crisps, nachos really anything salty and crispy.  Then having given into to craving, usually after a glass of wine or two, I could not stop eating them and would eat what we had in the house that was crunchy and salty. In effect however well I was doing with my carbohydrate intake and contolling my sugars, or with my weight loss I would always sabbotage myself often being back to square one or heavier than I was in weight loss terms. and sending my blood sugar readings much higher than they should be.  After discovering EFT and also working with a practioner on other lying issiues I have managed to control my cravings and am losing weight again after dealing with some other underlying issues..

Want to get the better of your cravings? I can show you how.  Contact me  Either by telephone 07840240454 or via the form below.. 

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Christine Michele MurraySat, 7 Oct 2017


NOTE Whilst EFT and Matrix Reimprinting has produced some remarkable clinical results, it should still be considered to be in the experimental stages. I am not a Licenced Medical Practioner, the information below relates to my personal experience.  You should never stop taking medication you have been perscribed without consulting a registered medial professional.

Having seen a close relative with TYPE 2 Diabetes become dependent on insulin,  suffer from complications including amputation, problems with their heart and kidneys, failing vision, cataracts and leg ulcers that would not heal., to put it mildly I was terrified.  Having had gestaional diabetes in both my pregancies, for which I had to take insulin 4 times a day I knew this was very serious.

At the point I was diagnosed my fasting Blood sugar was 18.mmol/L, for a normal health individual this should be between 4.0 - 6.0mmol/L.  My HBAC1(a test that measures your average sugars over the last 2 -3 month) was 88 which indicates an average blood sugar level of over 13mmol/L, when blood sugars are raised continually over long periods this starts to dammage the body.  The normal reading for a healthy individual without diabetes would be below  42, 7mmol/L. 

I put on Metformin and was offered a days course by the Doctors surgery, which I declined, having looked after a type 2 Diabetic and having been Diabetic during pregnacy I knoew the advice I would be given.  I was also offered membership for 3 months to weight watchers, but denied testing strips to monitor my own bloods, so I still monitored my bloods and paid for the strips myself.

To begin with I felt sorry for myself, then annoyed and frustrated.  I started to look up the latest research on contolling blood sugars, I changd my way of eating I also monitored my blood sugars for how different food affected me. I use complementary therapies including Emotional freedom Technique to help me stick to my new way of eating and overcome by stress and fear related to the type 2 diabetes.  Blood sugar can be affected my a number of things including Stress, feeling upset, being ill as well as what you eat.

After 6 months I had lost over 2 and 1/2 Stone, I was off medication and my sugars were well under control.  My blood sugars still remain in the non diabetic range and I am feeling well. 

If you would like to come along for a chat about your situation, find out more and learm how EFT could help you to manage & overcome issues in your own life please call me for an appointment 07840240454


Christine Michele MurraySun, 1 Oct 2017

Stress & Depression - The Thief of Happiness

There are many Stresses in today's world., and sometimes all the stress gets too much., leading to depression  There are so many expectations put on us by society, our families, but most of all ourselves.  We often expect much more of our selves than anyone else does, we are all human we all have failings. 

The first step to becoming less stressed is to STOP and take stock.  Realise that what you attract how you react to situations and people is a 95% governed by your subconsious and 5% that is the consious mind.  Your subconsious has stored away beliefs that you have made since you were a young child and runs those "truths" over and over, what you believe about ypurself affects everything you do - if you do not believe you are good enough do you even apply for the promotion or the new job?  If you think that you are responsible for everyone you try to do everything, sort out everything for everyone and that is just not possible so you feel you have failed!.  REMEMBER you can do ANYHING, but not EVERYTHING.

There are many sources of stress and eventually if you cannot deal with the stress you start to experience physical symptoms, which then lead to health issues. If you change your beliefs about yourself and the world that you made at a young age you can change your persepctive on life, what you attract and how you deal with situations that you face.

In my practise I show people struggling with many stressful issues, a powerful technique to help them how to cope with their day to day life, whether they are physical or emotional.  We then work together to address the root causes of their problems, helping them to feel positive, happy and move forward with their lives.

Christine Michele MurrayTue, 26 Sep 2017


Please check the disclaimer at the bottom of this page

For years the dietary advice has been to eat  carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and low fat diets avoiding fatty meats. Just stop and think about this for a minute does it make sense? If you are eating Carbohydrates as a significant part of your diet For Example toast and cereal for breakfast, sandwiches and crisps for lunch, a pasta or pizza for dinner, thats alot of carbs and what do carbohydtares convert into in your body? YES SUGAR! In addition we are told to eat 5 a day fruit & vegetables again although they contain natural sugars these are still sugars that are in your body.  Then we come to the low fat options for foods, these are highly processed and what do they require to make them taste better having removed the fats? sugar or salt!             

The advice that most people have followed for many years including the dietary advice given to prediabetic and newly diagnosed  Type2 Diabetics does not really make much sense.  You need to take medication to start with because your body is insulin resistant, you take the medication regularly which then means you need to eat carbs to take your medication.  Then most TYPE2 patients eventually progress from taking Metformin into taking insulin due to the vicious circle.    My own experience has shown me that it is possible to come of medication and get your sugars very much under control.  I have also had experience of TYPE2 Diabetics on Insulin beging able to reduce the amount of insulin they take after years of being on it. 

This is a video link explains the benefits of a Low Carb High Fat way of eating. After clicking on the link scroll down to view the video.

If you would like help or support moving forward please contact me for an appointment which can be conducted Face to Face in Banstead Surrey or Online


While EFT and energy work produced remarkable clinical results it is still considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take fully responsibilty for their use of it.  Further I Christine Michele Murray am not a licenced health professional and offer EFT, Energy Work and dietry advice as an EFT Practitioner and therapist.  Please consult registered health practioners about your use of EFT, changing your medication or diet.

Christine Michele MurraySun, 17 Sep 2017

Change your Beliefs, Transform your Life

From the very moment we are born we start making beliefs about ourselves and the world..  We are influenced by our parents and carers and our life experiences.  The beliefs that we make about ourselves and the world in our early year contribute to the person that we are.  Have you noticed how you attact similar people and situations into our lives? Have you ever wondered why this might be.?  Since your subconsious is controlling 95% of your actions and your consious mind only 5% everything that has contributed to your beliefs about the world and yourself will influence your reaction to people and events.  If you change your negative feelings and beliefs about yourself  you can change your whole perspective on life for the better.  Your issues and problems may manifest in many different ways, emotional, physical, medical conditions, fears and phobias, your relationship with partners, children or food.  Whatever is stressing you, making you anxious or holding you back I can show you how to manage them and then we can work together at your pace to resolve any underlying issue.

Christine Michele MurrayThu, 31 Aug 2017

Matrix Reimprinting - Fight or Flight

Early experiences in our life and other Traumatic events that occur during our life shape how we react to situations. Any exerience that causes us to feel powerless and threatened, can cause us to freeze, as a young child this can even be a parent shouting to protect us - but as a young child you make that mean something different.  Those experiences that happen to us as a young child may not even be remembered, but are locked in our subconcious and played over and over.  The negative energy continues to pervade our life experiences, often exhibiting themselves as repeated negative patterns of negative behaviour, undermine confidence, fears and phobias or cause health issues.   Using Matrix Reimprinting and EFT  the negative energies around those events enables us as individuals to heal and reach our full potential.. 

Call 07840240454 to start your healing today.  

Christine Michele MurrayMon, 3 Jul 2017

EFT & Children

Today children often feel stress, they pick up on the adults in their lives being stressed, they have their own stresses, they want to do well, they have 11 plus and entrance exams to deal with.  If your child is exhibiting symptoms of stress, such as changing in eating habits, headaches, new or recurrent bedwetting,  nightmares, disturbed sleep patterns, upset stomach or vague stomach pains and other physical symptoms with no apparent reason for them, then EFT may help them.  Other issues that your child may be experiencing can also be helped with EFT - grief, anger, compulsive behaviour, exam nerves fears and phobias.  I have worked with children and have had some excellent results  in most cases children and teens respond very quickly to EFT.

Christine Michele MurraySat, 1 Jul 2017

Fear of Flying

Are you afraid of Flying is it holding you back from doing what you want to do?  Making holidays which should be your time relax stressful?  Holding  you back in your career, stopping you seeing the world, or visiting friends or relatives? Emotional Freedom Technique can enable you to get the awful symptoms under control and get to the root cause of your fear.

A fear of flying can be something that you have had from as long as you remember, or it can come on later in life, very often after you have children.  Many people have a fear of flying, which in this day and age can be very limiting, family holidays, business trips, time away with friends all affected by this fear.  Even if you manage to take the flight the whole experience is very stressful and you can spend your whole time away worrying about the flight back. There are so many aspects to flying someone many be afraid of turbulance, take off landing, find the plane claustrophibic or the issue may be with the airport, or some other aspect of the flight experience. Emotional Freedom Technique has been shown to help  with a fear of flying, it has been very effective Whoopie Goldberg for instance, used this technique to get over her fears related to flying.  I personally never had a fear of flying I worked abroad went on holidays short and long haul flights,  travelled with my hisband and children, then  I was met with one particular situation, where I had to take my two children on a flight alone, it was not until I got onto the airplane with my children that the panic and anxiety started to rise up in my chest, I had to keep it together for the sake of my kids, but it was the most stressful flight of my life, I felt sick ill and dreaded the return flight that I had to make with them, which was equally stressful and unpleasant . Using EFT I have identified why this was so stressful, it in fact goes back to a situation I faced as a child, I need to now work on this as a client, with my practioner, before I have to face that situation again.  

Christine Michele MurrayFri, 30 Jun 2017

Physical Pain & EFT

Since beginning my journey with EFT I have not used any pain killers.  Previously I would turn to over the counter pain killers on a fairly regular basis,  now I tap away my pain.  Not only can EFT help with the day to day headaches, aches and pains period pains, but I have trained and  worked with people who now control migraine effectively without medication they have tapped away their migraines.  I can show you how to use EFT to control your aches and pains, if you have a specific pain that re-occurs this likley an underlying issue that cause of your symptoms.  Together we can can discover the cause or causes of these continued symptoms and get to the root of the problem.

Christine Michele MurrayWed, 28 Jun 2017

What can I Expect from My Initial EFT Consultation

Firstly we will go over contact details, why you have come to see me, I will take a few details, if there is anything you would prefer not to answer at this time that is fine too.  It is important that you let me know about any allergies, and medical conditions for when we work together. I will then teach you the tapping points, so that you are familiar with these and answer any questions that you might have.  We can then start to work on the areas that you have come to see me for.  At the end of the initial consultation,  I will recommend a number of sessions that I believe would be appropriate for you to start with and what you need to do before the next session. The minimum number of sessions suggested is usually 3. The spacing of sessions will also be recommended but would be no more than once a week.   Tapping on yourself will help with managing your issues day to day, people who tap between sessions usually have quicker and better results.  The sessions we have together will get to the underlaying causes of those issues, it is possible this will uncover other issues to work through .  After your initial course of sessions we can review I can make recommendations and you can decide what you want to do.

Christine Michele MurrayTue, 27 Jun 2017

My Type 2 Diabetes and EFT

Last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my sugar levels were very high and I felt extreamly unwell.  I was scared and confused and blamed myself for not paying attention to my own diet, terrified about the long term consequences of Diabetes, having seen a close relative suffer have to deal with sores that would not heal, amupation, kidney and heart problems. I was put on medication, and was told to come back in 3 months, I was offered weight watchers for 3 months which I declined and a day about being diabetic  which I also declined, as the advice I had seen my relative given did not make much sense to me, eating sugar and carbohydrates, which get converted into sugar,  to take medication, then taking medication to eat sugar and carbohydrates. After the inital shock I started to look up infomation and settled on a High fat Low carbohydrate way of eating ( this is now recommended in Sweden and New Zealand  for diabetics ) , eating real food as much as possible and enjoying fabulous good fats that are good for your body. I have also used EFT to keep me focused and stop me slipping back into my old ways, it has helped me identify reasons why I was eating the way I was EFT is helping me deal with these issues.  I still have a way to go but have lost 38lbs (2st 10lbs) so far and my sugars are down too to almost normal levels and I am off medication, and best of all I am feeling fabulous and in control.    

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