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Our beiefs we make about ourselves and the world  govern what we do, how we feel, how we react and what we attract.  Change your perceptions for better health, reduced pain stress and anxiety. 

Pregnant and Anxious

I’ve never received Emotional Freedom Technique or Matrix reimprinting therapy before and I didn’t really know much about it, but after chatting with Christine about how I have been feeling on and off for the last few years I decided I’d feel comfortable and happy to give it a go under her care.

I wasn’t looking for a therapist or a solution to my issues, I had come to the conclusion after trying CBT through the NHS that I was just going to have to live with the anxiety and emotional uprisings I had when faced with health concerns, pregnancy and hospitals. I thought I’d just have to get through it as and when it reared it’s head.

I felt very comfortable simply chatting with Christine about my fear and anxiety and as a professional she could see (better than I could) that I would benefit from the techniques she uses and she suggested we try one session to see if it helped. I’m so grateful I took her up on this offer!

2 years ago I went through a complicated birth which resulted in an emergency c-section, a collapse at home and health issues for many weeks afterwards. I was left feeling fearful about my health and I think in hindsight traumatised. It had created an anxiety in me I’d never experienced before.

 I was referred for CBT on the NHS and after many months had passed I thought I had put it all behind me and moved on, I didn’t think or talk about it and had no reason or desire to dredge it up in my mind. This gave me the illusion that it was dealt with, until I fell pregnant again.

I soon realised that I wasn’t past my fear and anxiety at all, I had simply buried it. I couldn’t walk onto the hospital ward for my first antenatal appointment without feeling panic and bursting into tears, I didn’t feel joyful that I was pregnant again (despite it being planned) I felt terrified and constantly plagued by worry. I stuck a brave face on as much as I could, it’s only 9 months after all I was sure I could get through it. Thank goodness I found Christine to help me, because I’m reality I wasn’t coping well emotionally and it had started to affect me physically.

At first the techniques she was using seemed odd to me, I almost started to dismiss it as something that just might not work for me, but I did my best to remain open to it. I had nothing to loose after all!

By the time we were about halfway through the first session I was already feeling like she had really started to get the root of my problems. There were some very emotional moments for me but I felt safe and comfortable with Christine so was able to embrace and accept that. She used these responses to tailor the next bit of my treatment and progress.

By the end of the therapy I was amazed to find I could think and talk about my past experiences without crying or struggling. A tightness and weight had been lifted from my chest. My thoughts were calm. She has given me techniques to practice and tools to continue to use to keep me feeling that way.

I have since been to several hospital appointments without fear and anxiety, the results are not just emotional my blood pressure has also improved, much to my consultants delight.

 I’m now 8 months pregnant and feeling happy, calm and in control. I have been advised I will need a planned c-section but as a result of Christine's professional help I am able approach that reality without fear.

I cannot thank her enough, this has changed things so much for me and I’m am incredibly relieved and grateful.

I would urge anyone who is experiencing anxiety or has past trauma to seek Christine’s help, you may not think it’s “your kind of thing” but trust me you have nothing to loose, it could change your life and improve your well being


Relationship with Food

I rescently experience my first Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or tapping) session with Christine Murray.  Christine gave an excellent explaination, I felt very comfortable and in safe hands.  I found EFT to be very calming and it helped me  to relax and focus. With a little guidance I became aware of my actions and choices around food, both my eating and cooking habits.  This really got my brain working and has started to help me make connections and explain why I act the way I do around food ! 


Regret & New Opportunities

"I highly recommend Christine's work ! She is a truly a gifted healer.  My sessions involved processing some feelings of regret over how I have treated people in the past.  Through her intuitive and gentle detective work, she helped me uncover sme memories that allowed me to release negative energy that I was holding.  I feel lighter and more confident, which is helping me move forward in my new business. EFT and Matrix have proven to be very powerful tools for me in reducing stress, changing my perceptions, and opening up new opportunities that seemed to be hidden before. "


Panic Attacks and Anxiety

I have suffered with Anxiety and Depression for a number of years.  This also caused me to have panic attacks which made it increasingly difficult for me to leave the house or to do normal daily activities.  I was introduced to EFT and found it very helpful.  Once I learnt the technique I would use it everytime I felt anxious or panicky and found that it really had a profound effect to help me stop my panic becoming a full blown panic attack.  There are ways you can use EFT discreetly in public so as not to draw attention to yourself.  I highly recommend EFT and feel that it has enhanced my life.  I would also recommend Christine she is an empathetic warm person who makes you feel at ease, she is always ready to reassure and answer any questions you may have.  I am continuing to work with her to resolve other issues in my life.

Sharon L-T

Anxiety & Beyond

Christine worked with me for a few sessions using EFT. I found her to be very engaging, compassionate and understanding to my anxiety needs.  We worked through my anxiety issues for just a few sessions and I noticed my anxiety issues reduced significantly. Christine was very intuitive and was able to understand where my Probelms lay and between us we were able to work through them and understand underlying issues.  I found her EFT methods to be very powerful and they have helped me to move forward in everyday life.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Christine for EFT.

Angela H

Changing Perspective

I had am amazing EFT & matrix reimprinting treatment with Christine Michele Murray. It was really interesting because it bought things up that I wasn't aware of and helped me to see  differently and therefore react with a more positive approach.  Thank you so much Christine.  It is definitely worth a go because we just don't know what's lurking in the shadows sometimes.

Alice P

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