Are you feeling defeated when it comes to food constantly thinking about or craving certain foods? Is food controlling you?Are you feeling that now is the time to take control back? These programmes aim to get you back in control, manage your weight and overcome those gremlines for good!.

Next Feel Fabulous programmes start date TBC

If you would like to have access to the course without the group calls and access to the private group contact me. 

Feel Fabulous Basics

Getting started Just £89 for a 5 week structured course where you will be provided with worksheets and exercises to help you to start to take control back.

* Weekly Worksheets and Exercises and Course booklet.

* Access to recorded guidance and information.

* Work at your own pace

* Cost £89 Book using the contact form below stating

* Covers:

- Cravings and triggers

- Self image and limiting beliefs

- What we eat and why

- Self sabotage and secondary gains 

- Taking the power out of food

Feel Fabulous Premium online programmes -  payment plans are available for all programmes


Covers all areas in the Basics course, in more detail and providing more support

* Access to a private group

* An initial 1 X 60  private 1:1 session to review your specific goals and work on a specific craving you may have

* Weekly Group calls

* 1 X 60 minute 1:1 review of ways forward at the end of your course.

* Worksheets & Exercises

* Run over 3 Months

* Cost £399 - Payment options available


* All of Bronze


* 3 X 60 Minute online sessions

* Follow up e-mail after each session

* Cost £699 - Payment options available


* All of Silver plus a further

* 3 X 60 Minute online sessions

* 30 minute review at the end of each block of 3 sessions to assess progress and next steps

* Run over 3 months

* Cost £1099 - Payment options available


 * A VIP stuctured programme Tailored to your needs All of Gold Plus

* 6 x 60 minute sessions

* Whatsapp Access and Support in between sessions

* Cost £2099 Payment options available