Beat Your Business Blocks

Overcome those fears of being seen, public speaking, getting out there! Overcome those self limiting beliefs about money, being worthy and discover what is really holding you back - you might be suprised I was ! These Programmes look at you holistically all aspects of your life and helps you to identify what is currently limiting you, will help you clarify your vision and get you started taking the actions to enable you to move forward. I offer a number of options all of which are run online. Aimed at Business Owners - Move Forward today!

Business Blocks Basics

From Confusion to Clarity from Stagnation to Success

Available anytime

A 5 week course where you will be provided with a worksheets and exercises to help you identify your blocks and self sabbotaging behaviours.

* First 2 weeks free - clarify your vision, your why and starting to understand your limiting beliefs

* Weekly Worksheets and exercises.

* Access to recorded guidance and information.

* Work at your own pace.

* 30 minute online review at the end to look at your way forward

* Cost £89 book using the contact form below Stating Business Blocks Basics in the message

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Beat Business Blocks - Premium Courses

A choice of 4 online programmes with differing levels of time commitment and support next

Bronze : A stuctured programme  Begin to Beat your Business Blocks.

* Weekly Group calls

* Access to a private group

* 1 X 60 minute online review of ways forward at the end of your course

* Worksheets & Exercises

* Run over 3 Months

* Cost £399 Payment Plan available

Silver : A structured Programme of 3 online sessions to Beat your Business blocks.

* All of Bronze


* 3 X 60 Minute online sessions

* Follow up e-mail after each session

*  Run over  3 months

* Cost £699  Payment Options available. 

Gold : All of Silver plus a further

* 3 X 60 Minute online sessions

* 30 minute review at the end of each block of 3 sessions to assess progress and next steps

* Run over 3 months

* Cost £1099 - Payment options available 

Platinum : A VIP stuctured programme Tailored to your needs All of Gold Plus

* 6 x 60 minute sessions

* Whatsapp Support in between sessions

* Cost £2099 Payment options available 

Premium Group Programmes Next start date TBC.

If you would like to have access to the course without the group calls and access to the private group contact me.